Intervention Specialist

The Legacy Academy is a middle school, with a founding cohort of 60, 6th graders in August 2018.  The school will be located in Downtown San Jose.  The school will serve students in Santa Clara County who exhibit a need for a responsive education with behavioral health awareness:

  • Students who have been involved in juvenile justice or foster care systems.
  • Students who have been suspended or expelled from a previous school due to significant behavioral problems.
  • Students who have been identified as showing signs of unsuccessful academics and/or behavioral issues at school or within their community.

It is with a comprehensive school design that The Legacy Academy will provide students with:

  • Small classrooms with a ratio of 20:3, which includes a certified teacher and two (2) behavioral specialists.
  • Personalized learning to develop academic skills.
  • Extended school day to include electives in Life Skills, the Arts, Physical Education, and Civic Engagement.

The role of the Intervention Specialist is to provide intensive academic instruction to students both in their classroom settings and in the learning lab. Additionally, the Intervention Specialist coordinates services at the school site and supports colleagues in including students successfully in diverse settings by providing teacher coaching, modeling and development opportunities.  The Intervention Specialist works collaboratively with classroom teachers, school leadership and the RTI implementation team to maintain the academic, social and emotional needs of each student.

Job Duties:

●      Work effectively as a member of a multi-disciplinary team to implement academic, behavioral, and therapeutic services for students in need of intervention
●      Provide coaching and professional development to support school staff in experiencing success with all students
●      Implement research-based interventions aligned with the three tiers of the RTI pyramid, including specialized academic instruction per students IEPs
●      Provide an individualized academic intervention program to target diverse learners’ needs
●      Employ authentic and norm-referenced assessment strategies to monitor progress and guide instructional planning and decision making
●      Chair IEP meetings and, if asked, the school’s Coordination of Services Team meetings
●      Engage caregivers in the educational process, providing frequent opportunities to discuss student growth and needs
●      Participate in professional learning communities to enhance practice and create coherence
●      Maintain a high standard of professional behavior at all times
●      Perform all other duties as necessary for the good of the agency as instructed by supervisor

Demonstrates sophisticated understanding and ability to apply theories of:

  • Student growth and development
  • Data-informed instruction
  • Group process, communications, and organizational planning
  • Job-embedded technologies
  • Differentiated instructional strategies for struggling students
  • Trauma-informed pedagogy
  • Standardized, authentic, observational, and alternative assessments            

Understands and can support the instructional needs of:

  • English Language learners at all stages of English acquisition
  • Socioeconomically disadvantaged students
  • Special Education students
  • Students of various languages and cultures so as to reduce the achievement gap and create a warm and respectful environment for learning.


  • Current California Education Specialist Teaching Credential
  • 3+ years teaching experience preferred
  • Desire to teach in an urban school environment
  • Confident in managing student behavior
  • Ability to work under pressure and adapt to change easily
  • Demonstrated success working with students from educationally underserved areas                    
  • Provide employment eligibility verification (Form I-9), pass background check through DOJ and FBI, and provide proof of recent Tuberculosis clearance
  • Copies of Valid California teaching credential/certificate 
  • CBEST scores
  • Copies of College/University Transcripts (originals required only if hired)
  • NCLB Compliant


  1. Resume

  2. A personal statement/letter of introduction, not to exceed two double-spaced, typewritten pages describing your:

    1. Experience with students

    2. Most significant event in your teaching career

    3. Long-term goals

    4. Reason for interest in the position for which you are applying

    5. Qualifications and how you meet the School’s Mission

  3. Three (3) Letters of Recommendation (one from a supervisor) dated within the last 12 months.

Please email complete applications to the Founding Principal, Danette T. Sokacich, at


Marc Buller