Core Educational Features

Innovative educational programs designed to educate the whole-child

  • Expanded school days with built-in time for meals, counseling, and enrichment opportunities.
  • Small-group advisory check-in’s in the morning and afternoon.
  • Small class sizes (20 to 3) for a hands-on educational experience
  • Individual crafted learning plans so that every student has a clear path to academic success.
  • Daily life skills classes and monthly community service programs

Unprecedented access to Behavioral Health Services

  • Two behavioral health specialists in every classroom
  • Integrated health services with special education
  • Restorative justice based disciple program

Building belief in all students that they can succeed

  • Wrap-around Support - All students are provided with wrap-around support services. Supports include individual and group counseling, mental health services, behavior interventions, academic intervention and remediation, and language development, with an academic interventionist and mental health counselor in every classroom.
  • Passion, Purpose, and Agency - Enrichment courses, leadership and service programs, and other personalized learning programs support students in discovering their passions and gives them agency over their own development.
  • Enrichment Tailored to the Needs of “At-Promise” Adolescents - Enrichment programming focuses on the core needs of “at-promise” adolescents: physical education and health to build healthy choices, the arts to explore passions and provide means of expression, and life skills to support their growing autonomy and decision-making.

Equipping Students to change their legacy

  • Personalized Learning: Legacy Academy uses personal learning plans, an advisory program called “Legacy Set & Reflect,” and robust intervention staffing to provide personalized learning for every student.
  • A Focus on Math and Literacy: Students receive 90 minutes of both math and literacy instruction to allow for proactive intervention, reducing frustration and building empowerment.
  • Real-world Learning Investigations in Science and Social Studies: Students are engaged in authentic learning investigations using “Project Lead The Way,” “TCI History Alive,” and “Facing History, Facing Ourselves.” These investigations allow students to critically examine the world around them.