Our Mission

Why Legacy?

The middle school years are some of the most formative in a person’s life, and it is too often during these years that students find themselves falling behind, both academically and socially, and don’t have the resources to catch up. At Legacy Academy, we seek to stop the cycle before it starts.

Legacy Academy is a charter middle school designed to build the belief in all students that they can succeed and equip them to change their legacy.

Legacy Academy comes alongside youth who have been involved in the juvenile justice or foster care systems as well as students who have significant social and academic challenges, and offers them a life-changing middle school experience. Legacy Academy’s vision is not only to intervene in the lives of these young people, but also to build a new model that allows them to thrive at school, in their community, and in their future college and career. Providing equal access to research-based educational programs and community resources, we ensure each student is given the opportunity to create a positive legacy.

Who We Serve

The Legacy Academy seeks to serve the following target student populations across Santa Clara County:

  • Students who have been involved in the juvenile justice or foster care system

  • Students who have been suspended or expelled from previous schools due to significant behavioral problems

  • Students who have been identified by their parents or School officials as showing signs of academic failure and/or behavioral issues at school or within their community.

These are the students who, through repeated failure, often believe that the future holds nothing for them.

The Legacy Academy is specifically committed to serving the youth identified above–those who have been involved in the Juvenile Justice or Foster Care System, as well as others who have social and academic challenges. Through a cohesive and comprehensive middle school experience, Legacy Academy will provide the supports necessary for these youth to transform their experience, in turn changing the course of their legacy within our community.

Community Partners




Charter Approval for Legacy Academy was issued by Santa Clara County Office of Education.